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How To Replace Dryer Drum Rollers

by Brent Hart

If you find black marks on your clothes when you take them out of the dryer, or the dryer makes thumping sounds, it may be time to replace the drum support rollers. The drum rollers are two rolling wheels that support the drum as it turns on the belt. The noise and black marks occur from the self-lubricating sleeve bearing on the rollers wearing down. Here are some tips to replace dryer drum rollers.

Shut Off Power or Gas and Gather Tools

For this repair, you need:

  • safety gloves
  • cloth
  • replacement rollers
  • putty knife
  • nut driver set
  • slot screw driver
  • Phillips screw driver
  • shop vac or vacuum

Disconnect the dryer cord for an electric dryer, and shut off gas to a gas dryer by turning off the gas supply valve, and unhooking the flex line end on the valve. Pull the lint screen off, brushing away any lint, and remove the screws under it with the Phillips screwdriver. Get someone to help you move the dryer from the wall so you can access the vent tubes and panels.

Detach the Panels and Wired Door Harness

Slide a putty knife at the crease between the top of the dryer and close to the front cabinet panel edges, pushing in and up with the knife to detach the clips. Set the dryer lid against the wall behind the dryer. Don't use a screwdriver to detach the panels, or you will damage the finish.

Remove the door switch wire harness from the door by pressing the locking tab, and remove the front panel by loosening the screws on the inside of the dryer. Pull the panel to the front slightly to disconnect it. Take note of how the belt and pulley are assembled before you take off the rollers, or take a picture.

Replace the Drum Rollers

Release the tension from the belt by giving it a light push to the right. Take the belt off the motor pulley, and lift it off the idler pulley, then pull the drum out. Remove the triangular washer from the drum rollers with the slot screw driver, then lift the rollers along with the plastic rings from the shaft front.

Clean the shaft with the cloth to remove dirt. It's also a good time to vacuum inside the cabinet. Set the new drum rollers and plastic rings on the shaft, and tighten the washer. Reinstall the drum assembly using your picture as a guide, then put the panels, wired harness, and lid back in place.

Turn the gas or power back on, and test the dryer. If it still doesn't work, call a dryer repair service.