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3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your AC Unit

by Brent Hart

Are you tired of the summer's hot weather conditions? If you are and you're not able to keep your home cool due to a non-efficient AC unit,then you may want to consider making the necessary changes to allow your air conditioner to run more efficiently. There are some great and easy methods that can help you boost the overall performance of your air conditioner, such as the following:

Relocate Your Condenser:

If your condenser unit is sitting directly in the sun, then the coils that convert the outdoor air into cold air may not get cold enough to do a good job at providing your home with cold air. To ensure your condenser coils get as cold as they can be, you will want to provide some shade for your condenser unit. Relocating your condenser or installing something to block it from shade can help boost the efficiency of your unit, which is why this option is a great method to try.

Check for Air Leaks:

If you air conditioner duct has holes, this could potentially decrease the performance of your AC unit. A leaking duct can reduce the efficiency, as it does not allow all the cold air that your condenser created to flow into your home. Instead, some and even most of the air that your condenser produces can leak out the duct, which can cause you to run your AC longer to compensate for the lack of air that is being delivered into your home. So be sure that you make a thorough inspection of your unit's duct so you can apply duct sealant on any holes you find. 

Clean Old Filters:

Not only can air leaks cause problems with how well your unit performs, but blocking air can also hurt the performance of your unit. Blocking the airflow can usually happen by having dusty air filters. Air filters can catch layers of dust over time, which can keep air from entering your home. Not only can this reduce the amount of air that is delivered into your home, but it will cause the air that does get into your home to first pass through a thick layer of dust, which can produce poor air quality in your home. A great way to fix this issue is to remove the filters and clean or replace them.

Utilizing these methods to improve your air conditioning system won't only help keep your home cooler, but it can also shave a few bucks off your electrical bill, as you may not have to power on your AC unit as long as you used to. So, before you assume it is time to replace your unit, consider trying out these options. Contact an air conditioning repair professional for more tips.