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Upgrading Your Furnace? Don't Miss Out On The Savings

by Brent Hart

If your furnace is a decade old and you have to pay hefty repair bills regularly, don't put any more money into the unit. Instead, upgrade it. There are a variety of benefits to updating the furnace for your home, and an HVAC expert will know what models are most suitable for your living space.

Buying a new furnace and changing some things around your living space can actually help you save money. Here are a few reasons to consider upgrading to an efficient unit and sealing the ducts around your home.

Being Efficient Pays

Buying a furnace that is at least 90 percent efficient will save you $33.00 on every $100.00 you spend, so over time the furnace will pay for itself. There are a variety of models that are above 95 percent efficient, which will boost your savings even more. You can also earn a tax credit for purchasing a qualified efficient model to replace your old furnace, putting more money back in your pocket after the purchase.

Some homeowner's insurance companies will offer a discount when homeowners replace structural components of the home and appliances, helping to save even more on the bill when updating the furnace.

Stopping Air Loss Saves

Most homeowners don't pay attention to the ducts in their home, and many ducts get damaged as the house shifts and settles after construction. The average homeowner is losing up to 30 percent of the air that is produced by their air conditioner or furnace through the ducts of the home. Having an HVAC professional seal the ducts to stop the air loss will bring down both winter and summer electric bills, and winter gas bills if you have a gas furnace. Having the ducts cleaned before sealing can also improve efficiency by opening airflow and can improve the air quality in your living space.

The old furnace in your home could be taken to a scrap yard or donated if you're worried about it ending up in a landfill or dumpster somewhere, or you can list it for sale and someone may buy it for the spare parts on it. If you are skeptical about putting any more money into your current heating unit, than don't. Think about what a great investment a new furnace would be for your home before repairing your old unit. Contact a heating services company such as Master Tech Mechanical for more information on new furnaces.