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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Washer And Dryer?

by Brent Hart

Your washer and dryer help get your clothing clean, so you aren't walking around in filthy clothing or having to run out to get your clothing clean. Although these are a great convenience to have in your home, you are responsible for these appliances, much like the other appliances in your home. If your appliances break down, you are responsible for the repair of them. When your appliances break down, you may wonder if you should repair them or have them replaced instead. Read on for information to help you decide if you should repair your washer and dryer or if you should replace them.

Your Washer/Dryer Are Old

Washers and dryers are major appliances that you hope will last for quite a few years, but they often don't last without some breakdowns here and there. How quickly your appliance wears out will depend on how much use you have gotten out of your appliances. If you are overloading your appliance with every use, you could also be wearing out your appliance much quicker than its typical lifetime. If you don't use your appliance as often or aren't overloading your machines, your washer/dryer may last much longer than the typical lifespan.  

Your Washer and Dryer Are Breaking Down More Often

If your washer and dryer are breaking down more and more often and these breakdowns are getting to be more expensive with each breakdown, it may be time to replace your appliance. Some minor appliance breakdowns are minor enough that you can continue to repair the appliance without spending too much money, but if these breakdowns are getting too costly, it's time to replace your appliance. If your appliance is breaking down so often that you've started to get to know your repair contractor, it's probably time to replace the appliance.

Your Washer Is Not Cleaning Your Clothing

If your washer isn't cleaning your clothing any longer, there could be a couple of different things wrong, such as the soap not coming off of your clothing or the washing machine not tumbling. Both of these can be repaired. If your clothing just doesn't feel clean, your machine may just need to be cleaned out with a cleaning tab, and the clean washer setting should be used. If however, your machine is still not cleaning your clothing, it may be time to replace it.

Your washer and dryer are major appliances in your home that are a wonderful convenience, especially if you have a big family - laundry can add up quickly. If your appliances are in need of repairs, call a professional repair contractor for help. If it's past time to repair your machine, the contractor may suggest that you invest in a new machine.

To learn more, contact a washer and dryer repair company.