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Tips To Follow If Your Sub-Zero Freezer Is Not Working Properly

by Brent Hart

Do you own a freezer designed to keep certain foods or substances especially cold? A freezer can allow you to keep certain items in long-term storage without worrying about decay or a loss in quality. So if your freezer is not working properly, you could be at risk of losing whatever you are storing inside. When it comes to freezer repair, this is a task that might best be left to a professional, but there are some things you can do on your own if it's a more simple repair. Here are some quick things you can do in your home to see if it will fix whatever is wrong with your freezer.

Check the Door Gasket Seal With a Slip of Paper If the Temperature Is Not Right

Because a freezer keeps things at such a low temperature, it uses an especially tight door gasket in order to lock all of that frigid cold air inside. If your freezer seems to be below freezing temperature but is not actually keeping things below zero, it could be a sign that some air is escaping because the gasket is not tight enough. To test this, shut the freezer and see if you can take a single sheet of paper and push it down in between the freezer door and the rest of the freezer. If there is any gap at all, you may need to either clean the gasket or retighten the seal.

Clean Your Freezer's Coils If the Freezer Seems to Be Running Non-Stop

Your freezer's coils are what do the work of actually keeping things cold inside. But the coils on the back of the freezer (or sometimes underneath) are, of course, on the freezer's exterior, and that means the coils can accumulate dust and debris over time. You should be giving your freezer coils a full cleaning including vacuuming every six months or so. If the current problem with your freezer is that it seems to stay on constantly, this could be because dirty coils are making it harder for the freezer to do its job efficiently.

The "Repair" Could Be a Simple as Removing Some Items

If the gasket seal is fine and the coils are clean, but you are still having trouble reaching temperature, there is one more very easy fix you might want to try before paying for professional help. The air sent into the freezer needs to be able to circulate in order to keep everything cold. If you have overloaded the freezer with too much stuff, the air won't be able to circulate freely. If you notice that things on the bottom shelf are less cold than the top shelf or vice versa, the solution could be a simple as removing some items on that shelf.

For more information, contact an appliance repair company that offers services like Sub-Zero freezer repair.