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4 Signs Your Dryer Needs To Be Repaired

by Brent Hart

Your dryer allows you to quickly dry clothing, making it that much simpler to wash your clothing. Generally, your dryer can last for years without needing that much special attention. However, sometimes your dryer needs to be repaired. It is important to be aware of the warning signs that your dryer needs to be repaired. 

Sign #1: Clothes are Taking Too Long to Dry

You use your dryer on a regular basis. You should be aware of how long it takes for your clothing to dry. If you are regularly cleaning out the lint tray, and your dryer just seems to be taking longer to dry your clothing, then there is something wrong. It shouldn't take more time over time for you to dry your clothing. If it does, then there is an internal issue a dryer repair technician can fix for you. 

Sign #2: Drum Not Moving

When you put your clothes into the dryer, the inside of the dryer, known as the drum, spins, and moves. It tumbles your clothing, which is how they end up dry at the end of the cycle. You can hear the drum spinning as your clothing is in the dryer. If you don't hear the drum spinning, then your clothes are going to come out just as wet as they went into the dryer.

If the drum is spinning, then you are going to need to get your unit fixed. More than likely, the belt that propels the drum is damaged, or it has snapped entirely. You don't need to replace your unit; this is something a trained professional can take care of for you. 

Sign #3: Burning Smell

When you are drying your clothing, you shouldn't really smell anything at all. When you take your clothing out of the dryer, all you should smell is the dryer sheets that you used to wash your clothing with. You shouldn't smell anything foul or off. If your clothing comes out of your dryer smelling burned, or if you notice a burning smell when you are washing your clothing, that is a sign you need to take seriously.

There are a few reasons why your dryer could smell like it is burning. The lint basket could be full, or lint could have gotten where it shouldn't, or the dryer hose could be jammed or broken. In this case, don't use your dryer until you can identify the source of the burning smell, and bring in a professional to assist you. A burning smell in your dryer is serious and could result in a fire. 

When it comes to your dryer, it is a dependable machine, but sometimes it may need a little repair and attention if it is taking too long to dry your clothes, if the drum is not moving, or if the unit is producing a burning smell.  

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