Using The Right Products For Your Appliances

  • Why Your Ice Maker Is Producing Bad Ice And What You Can Do

    8 October 2015

    Ice is used for many different reasons and occasions year round. The pleasure of hosting a party or event means that you have to keep ice stocked for drinks. During the hotter months of the year, ice tends to increase as it is a convenient way to keep your beverages chilled. Of course, you could always purchase bags of ice from the store and nearby gas stations, even some fast food joints sell ice by the bag now.

  • 3 Areas of Your Dishwasher to Clean Regularly for Max Efficiency

    7 October 2015

    A dishwasher is a cook's best friend when it comes time for cleanup. But your dishes aren't the only things in the kitchen that require routine cleaning for efficiency and safety. Your dishwasher has a few different areas that require regular maintenance in order to keep it running to its best potential and to keep your dishes spotlessly clean. Food Trap In the bottom of your dishwasher, under the lower rack, is some type of food trap that collects the tiny particles of food that the spraying water blows off the dishes.